An essay about proud to be emirati

I head down to the school of my 5- 7- and 8-year-olds, where everyone will dress up in National Day clothes, traditional wear, and there will be dancing, camel rides, military bands, balloons and songs. My kids are most excited about National Day, my daughter has been begging me about what she is going to wear for Natioanl Day and how she wants to do her hair — they get very excited about it. Sometimes we will get the family together and join one of the National Day roadshows, but to try to avoid the traffic, we pick the right time to go. In a professional context, at my workplace, Du, we will hold a National Day celebration today, where people participate in best-dressed competitions, and there is traditional food and henna painting in a tent set up just outside the office.

An essay about proud to be emirati

Here are 17 exemplary Emirati women this nation can truly be proud of: Mariam Al Mansouri Source: She led a strike mission against ISIS last year, making headlines all over the world.

She also served in the army before starting her flight training and received the Mohammed bin Rashid Pride of the Emirates medal for excellence in her field.

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Fatima Al Jaber Source: Fatima has presided over some of the UAE's most iconic construction projects. She has quickly become one of the region's most influential businesswomen and an outspoken personality for women and young people.

Leading by example, Al Jaber became the first Emirati woman to be elected to the board of directors at the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce in Zainab Mohammed The real estate industry in Dubai is primarily male-dominated, but Zainab Mohammed spent many years in the sector before she took over as CEO of property developer Wasl.

Zainab Mohammed was also the recipient of the Emirates Women Award. As an Assistant Director-General of Dubai Land Department, Majida proved that Emirati women can achieve and play an important role in developing this country by their dedication and passion towards their work.

Dr Raja was also listed as the fifth most powerful Arab woman in and she was selected as the Figure of the Month by the Al Waref Institute for Humanitarian Studies in September Dr Amina Al Rustamani Source: She was promoted because of her contribution in developing many strategies that led to the growth of Tecom Business Parks.

She became the first woman in the MENA region to head a free zone. She has been elected as Chairperson of the UAE Federal National Council, the first for an Emirati woman to hold this title since the nation was founded in Ohoud bint Khalfan Al Roumi Source: Nayla is an outspoken advocate for tolerance and homegrown talent and has already won multiple awards for her short films such as Arabana, Malal, and The Neighbour.

The future for Al Mazrui is truly bright as she has set an international example of youth representation at the highest level.

She is responsible for leading the overall strategic agenda, aiming to build a sustainable media industry that contributes to the economic and cultural development of Abu Dhabi, as well as positioning the emirate as a regional hub for media and entertainment. In her trip to the U. They also had the chance to see inside the Boeing workshops, where the next generation of spaceships, the Starliner, is being built.

Al Mansoori is confident more young Emiratis will follow in her footsteps and adopt science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-related careers.

Emirati Women's Day Source:In honour of Emirati Women’s Day, marked annually on August 28th, StepFeed is highlighting 17 UAE nationals who are setting prime examples for innovative ideas, programs, and inspirational messages of hope for the next generation. I am a proud customer considering you fixed my dissertation with just 15 days left to the deadline.

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An essay about proud to be emirati

Brave, smart and knowledgeable. Noura is an Emirati woman who excels in multitasking environments and is fully trained in providing clinical simulation and medical education using Simulation to improve safety, quality, and education in healthcare.

Proud of the country, proud to be Emirati - Khaleej Times

Proud to be Emirati. Several universities in the UAE began their National Day celebrations a week in advance with cultural and entertainment events as well as Emirati cuisine.

What makes me a proud Emirati? Everything that surrounds me!" said the year-old father of two, Ali H Al Madfaei. During his flight from Belgium to the UAE, Al Madfaei spoke to Khaleej Times about the importance of patriotism and carrying one's national identity high up in the sky.

An essay about proud to be emirati
'I am proud of being an Emirati' - Khaleej Times