Big spaceship ready to go big

Fictional background[ edit ] Serenity first appeared in the pilot episode of Joss Whedon 's Fireflywhich is set in the yearin a star system humanity migrated to after using all of Earth's resources.

Big spaceship ready to go big

When useful, particularly dense and technical responses have been summarized in italics for a broader audience.

Living on Mars Q: Our goal is get you there and ensure the basic infrastructure for propellant production and survival is in place. A rough analogy is that we are trying to build the equivalent of the transcontinental railway. A vast amount of industry will need to be built on Mars by many other companies and millions of people.

Does your Mars city feature permanently anchored BFS spaceships? Spaceships can be seen near the center. Have any candidate landing sites for the Mars base been identified? Landing site needs to be low altitude to maximize aero braking, be close to ice for propellant production and not have giant boulders.

Closer to the equator is better too for solar power production and not freezing your ass off. Who will design and build the ISRU system for the propellant depot, and how far along is it? Design is pretty far along.

Another hypothetical SpaceX city on Mars. Bases will need to be located near water resources. Will the BFS landing propellants have to be actively cooled on the long trip to Mars? The main tanks will be vented to vacuum, the outside of the ship is well insulated primarily for reentry heating and the nose of the ship will be pointed mostly towards the sun, so very little heat is expected to reach the header tanks.

That said, the propellant can be cooled either with a small amount of evaporation. Down the road, we might add a cryocooler.

Cold liquid oxygen and methane will unavoidably warm up over time, eventually returning to their gaseous forms if allowed.

Will the BFS heat shield be mounted on the skin, or embedded? The heat shield plates will be mounted directly to the primary tank wall. Can the BFS delta wings and heat shield be removed for deep space missions? It is quite small and light relative to the rest of the vehicle and is never actually used to generate lift in the way that an aircraft wing is used.

Big spaceship ready to go big

Why is the BFS spaceship largely cylindrical? Best mass ratio is achieved by not building a box in a box. The propellant tanks need to be cylindrical to be remotely mass efficient and they have to carry ascent load, so lowest mass solution is just to mount the heat shield plates directly to the tank wall.

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SpaceX Big F** Spaceship (BFS) Q: Will the BFS landing propellants have to be actively cooled on the long trip to Mars? A (Elon): The main tanks will be vented to vacuum, the outside of the ship.

The Big Falcon Rocket (officially shortened to BFR) is a privately-funded fully reusable launch vehicle and spacecraft system in development by overall space vehicle architecture includes both launch vehicle and spacecraft, as well as ground infrastructure for rapid launch and relaunch, and zero-gravity propellant transfer technology to be deployed in low Earth orbit (LEO).

So let me go into more detail on becoming a multi-planet species.

Elon Musk's SpaceX AMA: Living on Mars, Spaceship Info, Timeline

This is the updated design for the — well, we're sort of searching for the right name, but the code name, at least, is BFR [Big. Serenity is a fictional spaceship that appears in Joss Whedon's Firefly television series and related works.

Set in the 26th century, the series follows the nine-person crew of the Firefly-class vessel, a small transport ship, as they earn a living through various legal and illegal ship is the main setting; it appears in all fourteen episodes, the film, and several comics.

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