How to write a 30 second news story

Of course, nobody can tell their entire story in 30 seconds, or, for that matter, even in a full-length memoir.

How to write a 30 second news story

Colonial Florida[ edit ] Decline of indigenous cultures[ edit ] The original indigenous peoples of Florida declined significantly in number after the arrival of European explorers in the early s, mainly because the Native Americans had little resistance to diseases newly introduced from Europe.

Spanish suppression of native revolts further reduced the population in northern Florida until the early s, at which time the establishment of a series of Spanish missions improved relations and stabilized the population.

Raids from the newly-established English Province of Carolina beginning in the mids began another steep decline in the indigenous population. ByEnglish soldiers and their Yamasee Indian allies had killed, carried off, or driven away most of the remaining native inhabitants during a series of raids across the Florida panhandle and down the full length of the peninsula.

In the first decade of the 18th century. The Spanish missions all closed, as without natives, there was nothing for them to do.

The few remaining natives fled west to Pensacola and beyond or east to the vicinity of St. Inthe Yamasee moved into Florida as allies of the Spanish, after conflicts with the English colonies.

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Creek peopleat first primarily the Lower Creek but later including Upper Creekalso started moving into Florida from the area of Georgia. Descendants of this group have maintained a separate tribal identity as today's Miccosukee. Another group of Hitchiti speakers, led by Cowkeepersettled in what is now Alachua Countyan area where the Spanish had maintained cattle ranches in the 17th century.

The Spanish in Saint Augustine began calling the Alachua Creek Cimarrones, which roughly meant "wild ones" or "runaways". This was the probable origin of the term "Seminole". Many were from Pensacola; some were free citizens though others had escaped from United States territory.

Other fugitive slaves joined Seminole bands as free members of the tribe. Fugitive slaves from the Carolinas and Georgia continued to make their way to Florida, as the Underground Railway ran south. The blacks who stayed with or later joined the Seminoles became integrated into the tribes, learning the languages, adopting the dress, and inter-marrying.

The blacks knew how to farm and served as interpreters between the Seminole and the whites. Some of the Black Seminolesas they were called, became important tribal leaders. The confusion of war allowed more slaves to escape to Florida. The British promised slaves freedom for fighting with them.

These events made the new United States enemies of the Seminoles. Inas part of the treaty ending the Revolutionary WarFlorida was returned to Spain. Spain's grip on Florida was light, as it maintained only small garrisons at St.

how to write a 30 second news story

They did not control the border between Florida and the United States and were unable to act against the State of Muskogee established inenvisioned as a single nation of American Indians independent of both Spain and the United States, until when both nations conspired to entrap its founder.

Mikasukis and other Seminole groups still occupied towns on the United States side of the border, while American squatters moved into Spanish Florida.

Together with their possession of Louisianathe Spanish controlled the lower reaches of all of the rivers draining the United States west of the Appalachian Mountains.

It prohibited the US from transport and trade on the lower Mississippi. In addition to its desire to expand west of the mountains, the United States wanted to acquire Florida.

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It wanted to gain free commerce on western rivers, and to prevent Florida from being used a base for possible invasion of the U. When Robert Livingston approached France in about buying the Isle of Orleans, the French government offered to sell it and all of Louisiana as well.

While the purchase of Louisiana exceeded their authorization, Livingston and James Monroe who had been sent to help him negotiate the sale in the deliberations with France pursued a claim that the area east of the Mississippi to the Perdido River was part of Louisiana.

As part of the Louisiana Purchase treaty, France repeated verbatim Article 3 of its treaty with Spain, thus expressly subrogating the United States to the rights of France and Spain. The second clause only served to render the first clause clearer.

The third clause referred to the treaties of andand was designed to safeguard the rights of the United States. This clause then simply gave effect to the others. He regarded November 3,as the termination date of French possession, rather thanwhen France formally delivered Louisiana to Spain.

It was soon decided, however, that rather than paying for the colonies, the United States would offer to assume Spanish debts to American citizens [Note 1] in return for Spain ceding the Floridas. The American position was that it was placing a lien on East Florida in lieu of seizing the colony to settle the debts.Check out the latest celebrity styles, most coveted beauty secrets, gorgeous new hairstyles, and everything red carpet from Stylish by Us Weekly.

Below are four examples of the kind of writing we will be doing in this section of the course. The four examples are broadcast news stories from National Public Radio. Read these examples carefully and note particularly the short sentences and simple, straightforward language that is used.

Another thing to note is story length. Writing Tips for News Stories. PRINT; EMAIL; Story Length: to words Second and Third Paragraphs. Your second paragraph is one of two things: a nut graph or a quote.

BUT also avoid starting sentences with But or And. Anytime you write a sentence starting with But or And, take those words out and see if your sentence .

Box Strategies for Writing second RDRs. 1. Remember: Impact, elements, words. 2.

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Give your audience a few seconds to pay attention. Locate your story to let give individual viewers or listeners know whether they should pay attention. Otherwise, though, leave crucial information out of the first few words.

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