How to write around a picture in openoffice

The Wrap setting determines the relation between the text and the graphic.

How to write around a picture in openoffice

The user interface offered in Writer for cropping an image is not very friendly, so it may be a better choice to use a graphics package. If you crop an image in Writer, the picture itself is not changed.

If you export the document to HTML, the original image is exported, not the cropped image. To start cropping the image, right-click on it and select Picture from the pop-up menu. In the Picture dialog box, select the Crop page.

how to write around a picture in openoffice

The options available when cropping a picture In the Crop page, you can control the following parameters: When Keep image size is selected, cropping produces enlargement for positive cropping valuesshrinking for negative cropping valuesor distortion of the image so that the image size remains constant.

Left, Right, Top, and Bottom The image is cropped by the amount entered in these boxes. For example, a value of 3cm in the Left box cuts 3 cm from the left side of the picture. When Keep scale is selected, the size of the image also changes, so in this example the width will be reduced by 3 cm.

When Keep image size is selected, the remaining part of the image is enlarged when you enter positive values for cropping or shrunk when you enter negative values for cropping so that the width and height of the image remains unchanged.

Use the thumbnail next to these fields to determine the correct amount by which to crop. Resizing an image The inserted image might not fit perfectly into the document if it is too big or too small.

In these cases you can use Writer to resize the image. Click the picture, if necessary, to show the green resizing handles.

Wrapping text around images – Taming Apache OpenOffice

Position the pointer over one of the green resizing handles. The pointer changes shape giving a graphical representation of the direction of the resizing. Click and drag to resize the picture. Release the mouse button when satisfied with the new size.

how to write around a picture in openoffice

The corner handles resize both the width and the height of the graphic object simultaneously, while the other four handles only resize one dimension at a time.

Be sure to release the mouse button before releasing the Shift key. Be aware that re-sizing a bit-mapped raster image will adversely affect the resolution, causing some degree of blurring. It is better to externally size your picture correctly before insertion into your presentation, if possible.

The figure below shows three examples of an image inserted into a document and resized. Three examples of resized images, plus the original image For more accurate resizing, use either the Crop page of the Picture dialog box or, for images, the Type page of the Picture dialog box.

On the Crop page you can either adjust the following settings or use the settings in the Crop section as described here. Scale Width and Height: The size of the image changes accordingly. For a scaled resizing, both values should be identical.

The image enlarges or shrinks accordingly. In the Type page of the Picture dialog box, select the Relative option to toggle between percentage and actual dimension. For a scaled resizing, select the Keep ratio option.

As for the Crop page, clicking on the Original Size button restores the original image size.Adding an image to OpenOffice documents is a good way to brand printed material with a company logo or watermark, allowing your company’s printouts to stand out from others.

For images you can open this dialog box by selecting Format > Picture from the main menu or right-click and select Picture from the pop-up menu.

For drawing objects, you can access the Wrap page by selecting Format > Wrap > Edit in the main menu or right-click and . If you have an image that is sideways or in any other angle besides the desired one in OpenOffice Writer, you may find that you cannot rotate an image directly within the program.

As a work-around.

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Using the Picture context menu. From Apache OpenOffice Wiki write text over a graphic, click on the graphic to select it, and then press Enter.

About Apache OpenOffice Wiki;. Apply a border to an OpenOffice Impress picture using the same steps you use to add one to an OpenOffice Draw picture. About the Author After majoring in physics, Kevin Lee began writing professionally in when, as a software developer, he also created technical articles for .

There is no option in OpenOffice Writer to rotate the image within a document. If you need to rotate an image 90 degrees, we suggest rotating the image using an image editor. Then, save the image to overwrite the image with the new rotation.

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