Luck is better than hard work

Our product was too bland, too generic to stimulate excitement or loyalty. I needed a team to help me, and I ended up working through the problem with a motley crew:

Luck is better than hard work

Thomas Edison, American inventor said, "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. Does opportunity or luck elude you?

Luck is better than hard work

Do you believe famous people are just "lucky" because opportunity has found them? What about comedian Tim Allen? During one week in he had the number one TV show: The following year, he provided the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the blockbuster movie, Toy Story.

Luck is better than hard work

That sounds like a lot of luck but actually Tim Allen worked hard against enormous odds to achieve this prominence. Have you heard his story? He was born in in Colorado and was one of six siblings.

At the age of 11, his father was tragically killed by a drunk driver, leaving his life empty and his soul filled with bitterness about the cruel world he lived in. He found that humor hid his pain and in the process of being funny, discovered that he had a gift for entertainment.

When humor was not enough to assuage the loss, he engaged in self-destructive drinking and drugs. In he was arrested in the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport for selling drugs and subsequently did 2 years in jail.

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When Tim Allen was released from jail, he put on his overalls and went to work doing standup comedy and testing his material which later developed into the TV series, Home Improvement.

Creative visualization techniques to improve your life, find love, attract money, create a successful life and more. As you seek for greater levels of success in your life, remember these "Luck Rules": Listen to unexpected impressions that come to mind: Hard work puts cause and effect into motion.

Once you have experienced the effects and rewards of hard work, luck willingly climbs aboard. Instead, turn an everyday occasion into an extraordinary and lucky one.

Prepare, prepare, and prepa re for opportunity.

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There is nothing more demoralizing than being unprepared when an amazing, lucky opportunity presents itself. Know exactly what you want and be fully determined to relentlessly pursue it and luck will find you.

Immediately open another one full of luck and opportunity. When opportunity knocks, answer immediately and luck will morph into something you have earned. Follow these Luck Rules and luck will rule your life!

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Some people end up worse off than others partly because of their bad luck. For instance, some die young due to a genetic disease, whereas others live long lives. Jul 11,  · Of course hard work is more important than luck! For a start, many people don't even believe in luck, and I'm sure no one can dispute the effectiveness of hard Resolved. That’s luck. Perhaps one day their luck will change but for now they have that luck and they’re doing well for it. I certainly don’t speak for every entrepreneur out there but if anyone asks me why I’m successful, my answer is that it’s not because I work harder than anyone else. Yes I work hard but more importantly, I’ve been lucky.

Some people end up worse off than others partly because of their bad luck. For instance, some die young due to a genetic disease, whereas others live long lives.

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