Management and leadership the hp way essay

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Management and leadership the hp way essay

Home Management and Leadership Paper Strong organizations have strong leaders and managers. The utilization of organizational functions to meet business needs does not change between organizations; however, the way each function is carried out differs depending on the size and services of the establishment.

In this paper, the differences between management and leaders, as well as the roles and responsibilities of leaders in the workplace are discussed. Definition There are many differences between managers and leaders. For example, leaders cope with change, while managers cope with difficult situations.

Successful managers must posses many assets, one of which is leadership. The main purpose of a manager is to maximize the output of the organization through administrative implementation. In order to achieve this, managers must undertake the four functions of management: One important part of directing is leadership.

A manager must be more than a leader; he needs to have formal authority in order to be effective. Self-motivated groups may find leaders dominating rather than a single leader. During my last class at the University of Phoenix, there were three members, including myself in my learning team.

While creating the team charter, we decided not to have any one person take on the role of the designated leader for the group. Other learning teams had rotating leadership roles where each member took turns being leader for the week.

Although this could have merits, many teams faced the problem of having poor leadership some weeks, which resulted in members waiting for direction or miscommunication.

This is because leadership is an asset, not a requirement. We were fortunate not to run into any problems. I had great team members, each possessing different strengths and weaknesses.

I realize that in a different situation, this may not always prove positive; however, for my learning team, the lack of single leadership proved to encourage and motivate each member to do a little more.

Leaders are more emotional than managers. Leaders have the power to motivate people, while managers control and problem-solve. Managers have the ability to bring order and stability in the workplace. They have the authority to make things happen by using rewards and punishments, or by pulling rank.

Leaders, on the other hand, influence people. Influence stems from trust. In simpler terms, people have no choice but to follow managers; however, people choose to follow leaders. Roles and Responsibilities There are several roles and responsibilities a leader has in creating a healthy organizational culture.

One is to be proficient in the job. Leaders should start working earlier, stay later and work harder than the rest of the team. This is because a leader is completely responsible for the achievements and failures of the overall goal.

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Good leaders are able to put themselves out in front and support their people in all situations. Although I have no personal experience in the managerial aspect of work, my definition of management is getting the task at hand completed in an efficient and effect manner not only through, but also with other people.

This does not mean that management is an autocracy. Communication is also key in management.

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Without effective communication skills, managers are not able to convey ideas and key points. Miscommunication can lead to stress and frustration. In my personal experience, I have seen many times where bad communication lead not only to workplace stress, but to people leaving the organization.Sep 02,  · Organizational Change Essay Words | 13 Pages INTRODUCTION Organizational Development (OD) has become more and more important for today’s organizations because the world is moving so fast that organizations have to find ways to be more effective, more innovation, more customer-driven, and more agile.

The Strategic Management of Diversity. This report is a discussion of the proposition that the strategic management of diversity leads to a wider range of ideas and abilities, offering greater.

Difference Between The Leadership And Management Commerce Essay. A clear differentiation between direction and leading may nevertheless turn out utile - Difference Between The Leadership And Management Commerce Essay introduction. This would let for a mutual relationship between leading and direction, connoting that an effectual director should possess leading accomplishments, and an.

Although I’ve never worked at HP, I have read David Packard’s book, The HP Way, and I think most people miss what I consider their most important advancement – the management style known as ‘manage by walking around’.

Hewlett and Packard encouraged their senior executives to get out of the executive suite, bypass middle management. Essay, Case Study, Textbook Solution.

Management and leadership the hp way essay

Management and Leadership PaperWithin the organizational structure of most businesses you will likely find management and leadership coexisting. Comm. Home; goals and to communicate those goals to other employees in such a way that they. Management and Leadership the HP WayUnder conditions of uncertainty or unusual challenge and difficulty, people look for help in understanding questions about what matters, what to do, what direction to take, and what they should not do.

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