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Melvin Horace Purvis II. Given the nickname "Little Mel" because of his small boned 5'3" cm frame, Purvis became noted for leading the manhunts that tracked such bank robbers as Baby Face Nelson, John Dillinger, and Pretty Boy Floyd, but his high public profile was resented by local law enforcement.

Melvin purvis

Melvin Purvis was a lawyer working in South Carolina. Edgar Hoover's Bureau of Investigation.

American Agent by Melvin Purvis

He had planned to become a diplomat, but the State Department was not hiring. He was a good field agent and rose to become the head of the Division of Investigation offices in Birmingham, Oklahoma City, and Cincinnati. They fire on a car they thought was escaping from the lodge: They were all local Civilian Conservation Corps workers.

A second car filled with the Dillinger gang got away.

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Baby Face Nelson killed one special agent and wounded two other men. Purvis offered his resignation to Hoover, who refused to accept it. Spotting the infamous bank robber exiting the theatre, Purvis lights his cigar, the signal for Dillinger, and moves in saying to Dillinger: Jealous of Purvis' popularity, Hoover gives the famous agent bad cases and he resigns.

And Hoover's jealousy did not end there; he even went so far as to sabotage Purvis's attempts to get back into law enforcement.

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Purvis had to make commercial endorsements to make ends meet. He marries and has three sons.That summed up the mission of countless law enforcement officials in the early s.


And no one wanted to nail the notorious bank robber and killer more than Melvin Purvis, the legendary special agent in charge of the FBI’s Chicago office, or his boss, FBI Director J.

Edgar Hoover. The Dillinger. Feb 20,  · I find this site to be an incredible joke.

Melvin purvis

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By the end of Melvin Purvis was, besides President Roosevelt, the most famous man in America. Just thirtyone years old, he presided over the neophyte FBI's remarkable sweep of the great Public Enemies of the American Depression--John Dillinger; Pretty Boy Floyd; Baby Face Nelson/5(12).

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