Nigerian scams 419 scam

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Nigerian scams 419 scam

The Ultimate Guide Rental Scams — Cheating Both Landlords and Tenants Landlords and tenants should be wary because rental scams are on the rise as criminals move in to take advantage of the volatile housing market.

Many people never consider how easy it is to take advantage of someone looking for a property to rent. Few give it a second thought. Avoiding rental scams begins with understanding how they work.

Once you know what to look for, your chances of identifying one before you hand over your money increase enormously. Ploys used by scammers to steal rent money: Renting with the intent of renting to others. This scam works just how it sounds. A scam artist rents a property so they can show it to other prospective renters.

There have been reports of a single property being leased or rented to dozens of people before the crook vanished with their money.

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Renting on behalf of the owner. They might be sick, or overseas, or just too busy to do it themselves for whatever reason. Nigerian scams 419 scam the scammer collects first, last, deposits and fees they skip town. This scam is especially dangerous because it targets both property owners and renters.

If you think no one falls for this, guess again. A variation of this scam is the classic Nigerian scam. Someone will answer an online posting for a property and ask to pay by Western Union or an equivalent money wiring service. The renter will apologize and ask for the extra funds to be sent back to them.

Thieves looking for an easy source of cash are well aware of this. Verify the owner of the apartment When out looking for an apartment, verify that everyone you talk to is who they say they are.

Never pay cash Never pay cash so that there is a trail of where your money went.

Nigerian scams 419 scam

This is especially true if you do wind up paying the wrong person. A check gives you more protection than just saying who you wrote it to — it is also returned to your bank with the account information of the person who cashed it.

View online reviews with suspicion The places with the best reviews are often the places with the biggest problems. Very few actual tenants leave apartment reviews, so an apartment with a large number of five-star reviews in a short period of time is likely paying someone to write them to cover up bad reviews.

On the other hand, many tenants who had a bad experience will go out of their way to leave the worst review possible. Check your lease carefully Some apartment managers go so far as to write in a higher rent amount than you discussed and to demand payment for that amount when rent is due.

Other tricks include additional fees, putting appliance repair costs on you, or wording the lease so that a short last month is still full price. They will already be familiar with what companies are legitimate and will have heard of any major problems. Brokers are licensed so you can check with their state to see if they are legitimate.

They may also offer protections such as insurance in case of fraud. Keep a watchful eye on your home. Change the locks frequently if you rent the property often. If your previous tenants kept a copy of the keys, they have access to the home!

Nigerian scams 419 scam

Ask potential tenants for references and follow up by checking them. Run a credit check on potential tenants before renting to them. Use Google or another search engine to look up the name, phone number, and prior address. This may seem like a lot of work but much of it can be done quickly in front of your computer.

Nigerian Rental Scams — How to detect and avoid them Nigerian rental schemes involve conning people into wiring rent money overseas. Nigerian scams have many variations but boil down to conning people into sending money overseas through money wire transfer services like Western Union.

Some of these schemes are obvious and easy to dismiss. Others are more elaborate and detecting them can be quite challenging because they appear to be legitimate offers at first glance.

These are the scams you have to worry about.More trouble for the ‘Nigerian prince’: Louisiana police say they caught scam’s middle man. Nov 16,  · By this point, savvy people know it’s a bad idea to trust an email from a Nigerian prince hoping to use their bank account to unload a dead relative’s vast wealth.

Nigerian Letter or “” Fraud Nigerian letter frauds combine the threat of impersonation fraud with a variation of an advance fee scheme in which a letter mailed, or e-mailed, from Nigeria. Scams and Safety; Common Fraud Schemes Nigerian Letter or “” Fraud.

The schemes themselves violate section of the Nigerian criminal code, . Scam – "EGLOBAL LOTTERY UK / ACE FINANCE LIMITED / MR. BRIAN HAYS" About the (Advance Fee) scam; Frequently asked Questions ( FAQ) Is that email a scam? My Nigerian pen pals. Have you ever received an email from a stranger in Nigeria promising you millions of dollars?

- You should just delete it, because it is a pack of lies.

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