The consequences of pre marital sex

I lost my virginity when I was My boyfriend and I thought we loved each other. But once we began having sex, it completely destroyed any love we had. I felt he was no longer interested in spending time with me — he was interested in spending time with my body.

The consequences of pre marital sex

The consequences of pre marital sex

With the LGBT rights being legalized. The term of premarital sex is known before the 60s of the last century as an illegal activity in the most, if not all, of the country over the world.

But being The consequences of pre marital sex at that decade, many Western countries such as Spain, Franca, Germany accepted it, and became a normal issue.

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While at the same time still forbidden in many conservative countries, especially in the Muslim world, like Egypt, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan and many others.

This big issue is not only a matter of religions, traditions or societies, but it is a matter of effects. Because the premarital sex effects our life in any side of it. We shall find out the effects of premarital sex together through the article of today, where I am going to state the social and physical effects.

Social effects of Premarital Sex: You get a rumor and a bad reputation: Even if we are in the very developed world, yet the traditions and morals that we have been taught by the society and parents are still within us.

That is why having premarital sex still a bad issue although it was legalized years ago. This might affect the relationship between people at work or at personal life. You feel lack of confidence and losing trust: The relationship between a couple, is basically caused by admiration or love.

And that feeling is caused because of the probable similarity in both of them. And you become less confidence in the other partner. Not acceptable or desirable: If a woman gets the rumor that she had premarital sex, she gets very rare proposes from men to get married, she becomes kind of unaccepted and undesirable.

Like she is dishonest and dirty. For men, not the same effect as women, but it does effect the relationship with people and he becomes like a bad person, who is not able of responsibility, not able to control his desire, and a man who is guilty and did a horrible sin.

Emotional effects of premarital sex: The emotional effects are usually caused for women. They usually get heart-broken, instable emotions, feeling of insecurity, and feeling of easiness… Etc.

When a woman commits sex, she becomes famous among her friends and pals, as an easy woman. So everyone tries to ignore her. From her family, to her work-mates. She became somehow regarded as a bad person.

Even among the atheist people or non-religious, still a bad thing to do is to lose the virginity before marriage. And for the religious communities, the woman who had premarital sex is a guilty woman, who did a very bad sin, and dishonored her family, her society, and her religion.

Even if the people do not go to the church or do prayers, or any other religion deed, still believe that premarital sex is forbidden and unacceptable.

So the woman who does that, her heart gets broken, she became feeling useless, shameful, not secured, threaten to be raped or sexually harassed, simply for the reputation. The human procreation energy is too strong, but when you start having sex, you lose the energy, because sex can take more energy than a hard exercise.

That is why people lose their energy when they have sex, which leads to lose their young appearance. Women gain weight when they have sex, their face becomes to look paler and older, so they put more make-up, which is certainly the thing that make men less attractive to them.Premarital Sex - Recreation or Re-creation?

In discussing premarital sex, we often focus on the "recreation" aspect of it. Yes, sex is pleasurable. God, our Creator, designed it that way. It may be hard to think of God creating sex, but He did!

In God's plan, sex was designed for married couples to enjoy the pleasure and excitement of sexual. Dealing With the Effects of Premarital Sex. Marital sex is a model of God’s provision to draw us closer to one another and to him. we can use our time and influence to help other young people avoid sexual sins.

You can tell them of the bad consequences that come better than one who has not fallen in that area. God can use a forgiven. The Effects of Premarital Sex. Physical well between us.I want u all to learn from my experience cos nw am left with pains in my heart which is part of the consequences of premarital sex and giving birth to my first child to the wrong father.

Pls stop premarital sex cos the effects of it . The negative consequences of premarital sex can be seen from the relational, physical, emotional, and spiritual points of view. Relationships: Consider how premarital sex can affect relationships.

Dealing with the Effects of Pre-Marital Sex. by David and Flora Tant. This is an important subject — especially today. Young people (and older folks, too) are bombarded with the world's (Satan's) standards of morality, or immorality.

The Effects of Premarital Sex. pre marital sex is hazardrous teenagers should stay away from it to upgrade their biography. well between us.I want u all to learn from my experience cos nw am left with pains in my heart which is part of the consequences of premarital sex and giving birth to my first child to the wrong father.

Pls stop.

What are The Effects of Premarital Sex? - Tips improve life | Tips improve life