Thesis theme full width footer

In Tutorials 2 A typical web page has a header and footer area.

Thesis theme full width footer

Use for the Thesis theme Multimedia box I had originally made a post on how to remove the multimedia box on this theme.

Up until the time of this post I had always remove the media box.

Thesis theme full width footer

And stated I know of absolutely no use for it. But after leaving this post I started to tinker around with the box and researched and read more online about the uses of this box on the thesis theme.

So I experimented and found something I like very much and I do believe it can: Improve your sites rankings for certain keywords.

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Improve your click ratio on adsense, amazon products or however you are monetizing your site. Overall led to improved user experience on your Thesis theme full width footer. So what use am I referring to? If you go to the thesis theme design options inside your WordPress dashboard and then to the multimedia box option and open up the "plus sign" you will come to a drop down box.

In this drop down box one of the options is "embed a video". And when you choose this option a text box will appear where you embed your video code. It should look much like this: So where do you get video codes to embed? Well, of course YouTube. Here is an example of the a video code from a Youtube video that you want to use to embed in your multimedia box.

Now notice in the image above, the red line under share and the blue line under embed. These are the options you want to choose when you are at the Youtube video you plan on using to embed in your Thesis media box.

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All you do is copy the entire code in the box, and then paste the code in the "Video embed code" box, shown in the very first image above, and then save the changes in Thesis. But special note notice in the Youtube video code it says "width"".

You will want to change this to a smaller number since your sidebar will not have that great of a width. All you need to do is after you paste the video code is to manually change it to like You can save it then and look at your site to see if it is fitting or not, if not go back and change the width again.

Ok now that you know how to do this, how will this help you rank better for certain Keywords, gather you more clicks on ads and overall improve the user experience on your site.Now, in , the new Wrappers feature in Headway finally lets you create a full width / fluid header and footer on your website.

This is where the latest web design trends happen. This is where the latest web design trends happen. Nov 30,  · Home / Community Archive / Make footer full width no container and flush with bottom of theme. This content is old and no longer supported. You may use at your own risk, but no official support will be provided for anything listed here.

Thesis theme full width footer

Now you successfully created full width header in Thesis If you have any doubt or suggestion, feel free to write as comment in comment section.

We launched Thesis Skins for Thesis Theme , if you have time, visit our Thesis Skins page.

Create Full-Width Footer in Thesis Theme

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The Thrive Themes Pressive comes with fabulous features, it is a top-notch premium theme and offers much more than I can possibly write in this review, but for want of not trying here goes.