Video vixens

Print Article AA We thought we'd takea chance to talk about a couple of our personal favorite topics -- hair metal and video vixens.

Video vixens

Highest paid video vixens in Nigeria On But this collection of girls who make a living from dancing in musical videos are anything but female foxes.


They are beautiful, sexy, and probably endowed with enough skills to provide the audience with entertainment. As often as they are seen, and as raunchy and passionate as they appear, they do not rank in the same category as the music stars for whom they dance, at least, not by their bank account balances.

Showtime investigations show that an average video vixen or music video model earns a paltry thousand naira.

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Those that are on the upper scale of the trade might come off with about N, after a scrappy haggling. Still, there are those that rate higher, whose fees even run into millions.

Video vixens

But those ones are not professional video vixens. They are established stars who have made names from other areas of entertainment.

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They are called guest stars, not video vixens as many think. Some of these big stars are: She rates between N50, and N, She is a well-known video vixen locally and internationally.

Video vixens

Liberated and free-spirited, we have all seen what Beverly can do. She rates just a little higher, between N50, and N, She rates between N50, and N80, She is a face that could simply lure any man to watch a video.

Sexy and endowed Anthonia has done a number of videos.Wow OMG this site actually really works. I'm 13 years old and I joined this site about 2 weeks ago.

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During that time i got lots of profile views and phone calls from casting directors. Sultry actress and video vixen, Mary Asakomhe popularly known as Mary Jane Benson has always had big dreams. At the age of 16, the Lagos- born beauty started exploring her chances of becoming the.

Getting to know Mzansi's Video Vixens. Courtneigh and Sutra started working together more and more and this gave Sutra the chance to see just how well Courtneigh understood the business.

Nwafor Polycarp Terms and conditions Getting to know Mzansi's Video Vixens Find out what Sutra, owner of MS Management and Courtneigh Jacobs had to say about the ins and outs of being a video vixen in South Africa Written by Kay Tatyana Selisho 04 Nov '16 You often see them sultrily staring into the camera or seductively moving along to the beat but have you ever spared more than a stereotypical thought for the video vixens featured in your favourite videos? Sutra started out as a professional dancer trained in contemporary and afro fusion and unintentionally made her way into a career as a vixen. - Sexy Models and Video Vixens with Curves| They are also called video girls, video hoes, hip hop models and hip hop honeys.

Too hot to handle & too cold to hold here’s our list of the top 10 Latina video vixens! Watch the River Vixens perform 'Jailhouse Rock' from 'Riverdale' Season 3 Episode 2. All Hip Hop Models is the leader in Hip Hop Models. Social Media Influencers, Urban Models and High Fashion Models as well as Instagram Models.

Video vixens are not prostitutes, but focused models — Mary Jane Benson - Vanguard News Nigeria